The Enterprise Catalyst Model – Measuring Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Behaviours & the Impact of Enterprise Education

Enterprise Catalyst (E-CAT) Model is a free-to-use, online self-assessment and coaching tool that gives insight into an individual’s enterprising attitudes and behaviours; with each participant getting their personalised report. At the same time, it captures data on the aspirations, attitudes and activities of thousands of individuals which can be used to measure the impact of enterprise investment and interventions.

Over 200,000 people have now completed this self-assessment which provides a comprehensive baseline and benchmark to track the progress and impact for Groups and Cohorts and provide an evidence base of the impact of enterprise interventions.

Originally developed by Dr David Johnson, Innovas has been working with E-CAT since 2007 providing it to education and also using it to evaluate the impact of enterprise education on behalf of the Welsh Government, BEIS, local government, Universities, Colleges and Schools across the UK.                                                                                                                            

E-CAT captures data on the aspirations, attitudes and activities of individuals in relation to the following factors:

  • Enterprise Fuel – the motivation & drive, capacity to self-determine and the willingness to learn.
  • Entrepreneurial Intentions – awareness, feasibility, desire & self-efficacy toward entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurial Capacity – self-confidence, skills and social support networks.
  • Engagement in Entrepreneurial Behaviours – participation in current enterprise activities.
  • Engagement in Entrepreneurial Learning – interest & participation in enterprise educational activities.
  • Entrepreneurial Style – attitudes toward seeking opportunities, managing risk, exploring new ideas etc.

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