ISBE 2021: Creative Industries Entrepreneurship



Dr Charlotte Carey, Birmingham City University

Dr Stefania Romano, University of Leeds

In association with ISBE’s Creative Industries Entrepreneurship Special Interest Group

Join today here. Membership of the SIG is open to ISBE members and non-members.

The Creative Industries track offers tremendous insights into how creative mindsets help to develop entrepreneurial outcomes. Papers ranged from discussions on data gained from the impact of creativity in team development, specific insights into the music industry and the international challenges they face, game changing business models and working environments conducive to creative industry development.

Past best papers looked at stimulating ideas and the keys to developing novel ideas, a theme that we felt to be central to the entire ISBE conference. A strong theme emerged from a paper that discussed ‘money being a dirty word’, indeed, this and a closing debate at the end of the session highlighted consensus that creative industries entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by their desire to remain creative, and that financial gain is a secondary consideration.

• Defining and mapping the creative sector globally
• Creative entrepreneurs: characteristics, challenges and opportunities
• The role of educators & trainers in developing creative capacity and enterprising approaches
• International policy & support for creative industries entrepreneurship
• Gender, diversity and social inclusion within the creative industries
• Sub-sector specific studies of creative entrepreneurship