Welsh SMEs address SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions)

At a recent Learned Society of Wales Early Research Career forum held at Bangor University, HES (Dr Felicity Healey-Benson and Professor David A Kirby) launched its bi-lingual booklet featuring 10 Welsh SMEs that are addressing SDG 16 through Harmonious Entrepreneurship.

Key Features:

– Diverse range of Welsh SMEs exemplifying Harmonious Entrepreneurship

– Alignment with global SDG 16 agenda and Wales’ Well-being Goals

– Inspiring stories of modern Welsh ventures contributing to peace activism

– Exploration of creative business models addressing social and environmental challenges

The booklets serve as a valuable resource for businesses, students, and policymakers, offering insights into ethical and sustainable practices.They demonstrate how in Wales Harmonious Entrepreneurship is aligned with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

HES extend their gratitude to the Learned Society of Wales and Bangor University for hosting the ECR Network Colloquium and to their distinguished foreword contributors which include UNESCO-MOST BRIDGES (UK), Academi Heddwch Cymru, Learned Society of Wales, Welsh Government, and the International Institute of Creative Entrepreneurial Development, UWTSD.

Dr Felicity Healey-Benson






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