Why pushing for our business models to become more digital may not be such a good idea

ISBE member reflects on how well they’re able to return to their pre-pandemic digital business model, in light of lockdown experiences

Despite deliberately moving their business model to a ‘digital by default’ offer over the last 5 years, and seeing 75% of their work delivered this way before the 2020 lockdowns, the experiences of working with clients who make up the ‘last 1/4’ during the pandemic means Adrian Ashton is now not so sure digital is the way forward.

As well as struggling with lack of space to work at home, and the UK not having as complete broadband coverage as many might think, 10 MILLION people lack even basic IT literacy skills, and 1.5 MILLION people still have no access to the internet, in 2021.

In light of these experiences and realities, how equitable can it be to expect and require people to access services and support digitally?

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Adrian Ashton
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